Hotspotality is an out of the box solution that enables you to provide
free or paid Wi-Fi to your clients and patrons

Free or paid Wi-Fi
to your customers or guests

Hotspotality helps you offer free or paid Wi-Fi to your customers and guests and take advantage of our platform by delivering personalized Internet solutions fitted to your venues exact requirements.

A great customer experience
is what everything is about!

A high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot is an important asset to your venue. Today's modern guests expect that the service is available and studies have proven that they will reward this service with their loyalty.

5 minutes to setup,
a lifetime to collect the benefits

The Hotspotality hotspot takes only minutes to set up and configure. Simply connect it to your existing router to provide a safe and secure hotspot that is completely isolated from your existing network.

Configured from the cloud

You can configure the Hotspotality device from anywhere by simply logging in to your Hotspotality account.

Support is always available

Do you have questions or need technical assistance? Our support team is available 24/7 and will provide their expertise.

Hotspotality is fast

The Hotspotality device connects directly to your router and therefore is able to deliver the maximum speed to your clients.

Core features
of the Hotspotality service

Hotspotality is a service created for small companies like yours that will allow them to provide free or paid Wi-Fi to their customers, without any technical hassles.

  • Ultra-fast Wi-Fi
  • Set it up as a paid or free service
  • 5 minutes to setup and configure
  • Fully out of box solution
  • Advanced admin panel
  • 24/7 support
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what people say about us

Sam Mandis
When shopping, I like taking my time. But since I don't like being disconnected from my friends especially when I need their opinions on the clothes I buy, I choose shops with good Wi-Fi connections.
Christina Leeza / Fashion addict
Sara Mandis
Strange enough, my criteria for choosing a restaurant for lunch is Wi-Fi first, food second. Being a lawyer I always have to be connected and need to be able to communicate with my clients with no delays.
Michael Theor / Corporate Lawyer
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